Don’t miss out! UN Youth opportunities for 2017

Pacific Project

Applications are open for this year’s Pacific Project: an educational trip to Australia and Vanuatu in July 2017. This year’s trip will be visiting Perth for the prestigious UN Youth Australia National Conference, where delegates will attend workshops and hear speakers on the theme “The Innovation Revolution”, about innovations in technology and design. Then we’ll be heading to Pango Village, Vanuatu, to educate ourselves on life, culture, and experience in this Pacific nation. How might we, as New Zealanders, engage with a different Pacific experience? How does our perspective shape how we understand ourselves and other people? We’ll be selecting 10 delegates to attend this trip from the 2nd of July until the 19th of July at a provisional cost of $5,200.

Short-form applications are closing soon, so get in fast! Apply now!

For enquiries relating to Pacific Project 2017, contact Director Michelle Thorp at

Aotearoa Youth Declaration

Held at Auckland University on April 21st to the 24th, Aotearoa Youth Declaration is a forum bringing together young New Zealanders from around the country to learn, discuss and formulate solutions to issues in New Zealand, ultimately producing a declaration of Youth recommendations. Over four days the participants work in targeted focus groups to create policy and value statements on a broad range of issues. The result of this is the empowerment and education of young people, as well as the Youth Declaration, a document which reflects the youth voice.

During the 2017 conference, we will have a significant focus on empowering students to continue being active in their community in accordance to the Declaration. By using the Declaration as a tool, we will show young New Zealanders how to engage with their elected representatives, make submissions and foster change in their communities through local community groups and businesses.

We strive to make Aotearoa Youth Declaration as affordable as possible for students and parents. We offer a limited number of scholarships for Participants who struggle to make the financial barrier of attending our conference. We have a Regional Delegation, led by senior UN Youth volunteers who arrange group accommodation for the participants, alongside supporting them with travel arrangements and acting as a mentor and welfare officer for them throughout the conference.

Applications close Wednesday 1st of March found here!

Diplomacy Competition

The Diplomacy Competition is an online Model UN, run throughout the year in four rounds. It aims to develop a different skillset from our typical Model UN conferences, and allows for continued engagement throughout the year. Best of all, it’s entirely free!
A team for the Diplomacy Competition’s Junior or Senior divisions can consist of anywhere between one and four members. Once you sign up, you’re registered for all four rounds of the Competition, and have the chance to win both the individual rounds and the competition overall. Each round has its own prizes, and the topics can range from the use of nuclear weapons to the future of outer space, or responding to an international incident. Each round is divided into four different phases, beginning with research and amendments and ending with voting and marking.

For more information and registrations, take a look here. Round one registrations close March 8, so sign up now to avoid missing out! Sign up here!